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Eureka! Expeditionary Systems

Traube has partnered with Johnson Outdoors, Eureka! Expeditionary Systems to offer a wide array of military and disaster relief tenting applications. The tents and structures are modern, innovative shelters that are standards in all branches of the military. From highly expeditionary, rapidly deployable systems for tactical operation centers to large installations of modern GP tents for brigade formations; back to individual sleeping tents and multi-personnel extreme weather shelters.

With Eureka’s superior craftsmanship and attention to detail combined with Traube’s distribution and installation expertise you will have the industry’s experts providing your solution.

RDS TentThe RDS is a rapidly deployable, highly expeditionary shelter system proven to be one of the fastest and most reliable systems on the market today. This patented truss-style frame system is stronger and more durable than standard “Scissor” style frames and can withstand 300 lbs. hanging load at any point on the frame. When it comes to force protection at remote base operations – worldwide – in any operating environment, the RDS is clearly the most durable, versatile shelter system.

MGPTS TentThe MGPTS Type III incorporates a patented internal arch for support and clear, unobstructed interior space. This proprietary arch system creates a structure which distributes wind, rain and snow loads away from the fabric and directly to the arch (or support system), making a stronger, more durable fielded structure. The MGPTS is designed for superior use in various climate and weather conditions ranging from sweltering heat to severe cold. The MGPTS can be used for medical facilities, troop billeting, command and control, field service support, emergency/disaster relief, maintenance functions and storage.

Combat TentsThe COMBAT: two-man, three-season, free-standing, double wall tent is an original. It incorporates a vapor permeable tent body with a waterproof floor and fly, which also provides 20 square feet of additional gear storage. Each COMBAT tent is extremely tough and durable. Tested at Aberdeen and in the field, there are over 100,000 COMBAT tents fielded to date and no returns! The COMBAT Tent has two doors (entrance/exit openings), and using shock-corded poles, requires no special tools for erection and striking. Additionally, the rain fly is adaptable for use independent of the tent body, utilizing the poles and stakes provided.

TCOP TentThe TCOP is designed and produced for the U.S. Military. This individual shelter incorporates all of the important features requested by personnel in the field – dry, tough and fast by design. Rugged in the field, proven on the front and made to meet the challenge, the TCOP is designed using durable materials that meet or exceed government requirements and are warranted to stand up to repeated field use. It’s extremely tough and durable, so much better than the traditional Shelter Half. In fact, the Navy Seabee’s have adopted this tent for the standard ground operations. The entire upper body is constructed of breathable nylon for control of condensation.

Extreme cold weather tentThe Extreme Cold Weather tent (ECWT) is a four soldier, all-season, tension pole supported shelter with 64 square feet of floor space and an interior height of 54”. In the mission transport configuration, the tent weight is less than 21.5 lbs. and the transport cube is less than 1.6 cubic feet. Each tent comes with two rainflys (woodland Camo and Arctic White) and the fly provides an additional 30 square feet of vestibule area. The Performance Specification requires that this tent design be operable in climates ranging from -25°F to +125°F, withstand 50 mph steady winds with gusts to 65 mph and repel wind driven rain at 2” per hour with 20 mph winds. The snow load is a minimum of 4 pounds per square foot.

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