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Commercial tent


Commercial and Industrial industries rely on the ability to forecast and plan for scalable yet sustainable growth. Finding economical solutions to maintain peak performance during periods of growth or seasonal business fluctuations is a must in order to remain competitive and still respect the bottom line.

Utilizing Traube’s soft or hard-sided fabric structures for permanent or temporary buildings provides an excellent alternative to more costly traditional solid foundation buildings that require time-consuming construction.

Our products are scalable, portable, and can be installed in almost any environment. All of our rental or purchased units come with a standard maintenance package for added convenience, and we offer needed add-ons such as electrical and HVAC to provide optimal space efficiency.

Commercial and Industrial Applications:

  • Storage and Warehousing
  • Operations Facilities
  • All-Season Enclosures for Active Job Sites
  • Secured Structures for Equipment
  • Environmental Remediation Centers

Traube Industrial Structure Advantages:

  • More cost-efficient than permanent industrial structures
  • Can be erected and operational in days or less
  • Installation can take place on active work sites without work stoppages
  • Wind resistant up to 90 miles per hour
  • Improved productivity due to temperature and weather controlled environments
  • Sizes range from 100 to more than 25,000 square feet
  • Clear span technology creates strong protection without interior posts
  • Roofing options allow for sunlight
  • Industrial structures can be installed on virtually any surface and without foundations
  • Flexible designs include windows, doors and secured environments

Site and Service Expertise from the Professionals

When you work with Traube Structures, a seasoned Project Partner will assist you in the site planning and structure selection process, and our professional team of installers will work ensure that your structure is built to the highest of standards. All Traube staff works to maintain the strictest OSHA compliance and are fully licensed and insured for your added protection.

Available Structure Sizes

Our structures come in a wide-range of sizes and are installed by only Traube trained staff. Our tents and structures can be coupled with additional units and sizes to accommodate most location needs, or special requirements such as gutters or considerations around existing architectural elements.

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